Primitive Graven Image - Celebrating Impending Chaos (LTD edition digipack) (CD)

Release/Available Date: 6th April 2010

Label: Envenomation Records
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Price: £10.00

Primitive Graven Image - Celebrating Impending Chaos (LTD edition digipack)
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UK based black metal band Primitive Graven Image's debut album was released on US label Open Grave Records in 2007 receiving excellent press coverage and response and from the metal community worldwide. Having now played live dates including the UKs largest metal festival Bloodstock in 2009 and Ireland's Winterfest with the likes of Amon Amarth and Skyclad, the band returned with a new album in 2010 taking new influences on board and with a full on metal production courtesy of master of the metal genre Russ Russell, known with his work with Napalm Death and Dimmu Borgir amongst others.

Retaining the bands trademark black metal sound, the new material pushes things a notch with warp speed riffing and full on intensity, pulling in further influences ranging from the epic death metal of Nile to the beautiful misanthropic noise of PGI's fellow countrymen Anaal Nathrakh and The Axis Of Perdition. A subtle dose of 70s progressive rock may just be heard bubbling away in the background whilst chaotic thrash riffs weave in and out of melodious and highly atmospheric black metal.


"PGI have made a huge evolutionary leap with the follow up. Their luminous atmospheres, ability to soak up other influences, and knack for a kick ass tune do bear a clear resemblence to Watain, but PGI still cast their own light as they scour their way accross the void. Exploratory but still well versed black metal taking a scalpel to the night sky." - Metal Hammer / Subterranea - May 2010.

"A stunning collection of pure black metal in the style of Immortal or Emperor, this cd is the best I've heard so far this year... if they can produce the goods live there's no reason why they shouldn't join the black metal elite. Stunningly Good!" - Powerplay - March 2010.

"Let some of those riffs sink in for a minute. Let some of those Dissection-like melodic lines waft through the air like they do. This is good shit! Song-wise too, these guys have come a long way since their debut on Open Grave. Their construction is rock solid. The production is, likewise, solid. Big, but not foofy-flouncy-symphonic-big. No, it's just right. Some deft shifts in tone and rhythm, some seriously old school guitar solos, and before you know it, this album is over. Short and sweet. Which just makes me want to play it again"Decibel (US), April 2010.

"it is refreshing to hear a band that delivers the goods as this release did. A must have." - Metalcore (USA)


"a new classic from the black metal underground, you must bow down and worship primitive graven image!" - SOD (USA)

"What a joy to hear a band who don't let being elite get in the way of being good!" - Powerplay (UK)

"Who knows what kind of unhinged behaviour will go down, but we could listen to this all (awesome) night!!"  8/10 - Decibel (USA)

Track Listing: Into the Godless Chambers , The March of the Cattle , Kings of Infinite Space , Towards Infinite Planes , War til Death , March Onward/Celebrating Impending Chaos , Wandering Through the Woods , A Gruesome Relic of Death and Decay.