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Psychedelic Episodes - Observations on Death and Deathlessness is out now on Envenomation / Voiceprint records.

"A dynamic and well thought out opus.... Powerful and emotive songwriting, an area in which PGI genuinely excel... Emotive and epic discordance, tempered with an occasional Bathory like stomp." - 8/10 - Metal Hammer, November 2012.

"This is their third full length and by far their best. UKBM of the highest order and very highly recommended." 9/10 - UKEM (United Kingdom Extreme Metal Blog)

"There is no fat here just good solid and at times epic tracks.. Excellent home grown British Black Metal, you should definitely check this out." - 8/10 - Ave Noctum

".. takes this UK Black Metal band to new levels. Clean guitar solos slice through the gritty atmosphere, creating a streak of light across an otherwise bleak sky... You never truly know what's going to happen. I've listened to this album a ridiculous amount since its release." - 98/100 - Loucifer Speaks Buy Now


1st January 2020

Celebrating Impending Chaos and Psychedelic Episodes available online again!


Primitive Graven Image Reissues Primitive Graven Image Reissues

Our albums 'Celebrating Impending Chaos' and 'Psychedelic Episodes' have been unavailable for a while since the label changed distributors. They are now back online for 2020! Hard copies are available from the usual outlets and distributors, or from our shop.

Check out the mini-sites for each release below:

Celebrating Impending Chaos mini-site

Psychedelic Episodes mini-site


The Deathlessness On The Road live dates continue into 2018 with a one off live date in Fell Foot wood, on the banks of Lake Windermere..

Darkness Over Cumbria

7th July 2018

Darkess Over Cumbria - The Blackwood Odyssey VI
Fell Foot Wood, LA12 8NN 

A return to live dates in Fell Foot Wood, on the bank of Lake Windermere, with The Infernal Sea, Nikharsag, Necronautical and more.

Check the Facebook event page for full details of this 2 day event - camping available:


10 Year Anniversary Show!

Primitive Graven Image - Eradication Open AirEradication Open Air will mark the bands 10 years in existence! We'll be headlining the second night of the festival, with Diamond Head headlining the Saturday.

Eradication Open Air facebook event page


Celebrating Impending Chaos up for free streaming

Primitive Graven Image - Psychedelic EpisodesRemember 2010's 'Celebrating Impending Chaos'? Somehow it got to be 5 years old! We kind of missed it's birthday back in May, but we figured we'd put it up as a free stream on our site anyway... we'll probably leave it here for a bit. Enjoy!

Celebrating Impending Chaos mini-site (with free stream link)


Psychedelic Episodes now available on cassette

Primitive Graven Image - Psychedelic EpisodesCourtesy of Locust Amber records, our third album 'Psychedelic Episodes' is now available on cassette as a strictly limited edition of just 50 copies.

10 x purple (SOLD OUT!)
20 x yellow
20 x orange

You can grab a copy from the link below:


Primitive Graven Image - Debut album re-issued in association with UKEM records

Primitive Graven Image - Psychedelic EpisodesPrimitive Graven Image's debut album "Traversing The Awesome Night" has been re-issued through Envenomatio in association with UKEM Records. This is a strictly limited release, and features additional material including the band's 2006 EP 'Hellish Figurines' as bonus tracks. The artwork has been touched up courtesy of acclaimed designer and 'lord of the logos' Christophe Szpajdel. Initially it will be available only through UKEM records with worldwide distribution to follow -

"A Show Of Supreme Standards" - Live Review from

Thanks to for this awesome review of our show with Enthroned in London!

Primitive Graven Image

"To see PGI perform live is a pure delight; they clearly enjoy performing and have created a supreme blend of melodic, speedy black metal with real balls. Both Rob and luke’s vocals are fiercely brilliant and they manage to make both operatic and heavier styles of singing work. Their interactions with the crowd is well received, getting everyone worked up- to be honest though, I can’t see how any metalhead would not enjoy them! PGI put on a show of supreme standards; in my opinion they were one of the best bands of the night."

Click here to read the original article on

2013 UK tour dates incoming with Enthroned, Desecration, Ethereal and more..

We are currenly working with Nazgul Agency ( and putting a few dates together for this year in support of our recently released "Psychedelic Episodes - Observations on Death and Deathlessness" album.

Deathlessness On The Road 2013 - first dates:

2nd March - London, Electrowerks - with ENTHRONED and ETHEREAL
3rd March - Exeter, Cavern - with ENTHRONED and ETHEREAL
9th March - Leeds, DAY OF RAPTURE II festival - with DESECRATION + more
29th March - Liverpool, The Lomax - with NINKHARSAG + more
30th March - Grimsby, The Matrix - with NINKHARSAG, INFERNAL CREATION + more

Ten Thousand Armageddons - new track on the current Zero Tolerance CD

Check out the latest issue of Zero Tolerance for our new album track "10,000 Armageddons" which is featured on the cover CD. There's also a rather good review of the new album too!

"This UK black metal horde are growing into quite a force to be reckoned with. Fine production goes hand in hand with solid musicianship and plenty of depth and colour. Excellent!- 4.5/5 - Zero Tolerance 

November 2012 Update - First Album Reviews - Upcoming Tours 2013

Nazgul Agency

Psychedelic Episodes {Observations on Death and Deathlessness} was released worldwide in September. To date the reaction has been great, however you may have noticed our lack of activity on the live scene. Well, we've been busy with all kinds of stuff, and can now announce that we have now signed with Nazgul Agency who are putting a full UK tour togoether for us in February/March 2013!

Also - check out the reviews page for the first press reactions to the new album!

We have a track on the cover CD of the next Zero Tolerance magazine as well - "10,000 Armageddons" has not been made available other than on the album, this is due out around December time.

Stay tuned for an update on live shows very soon!

Third album released worldwide on 3rd September 2012

Primitive Graven Image - Psychedelic EpisodesPrimitive Graven Image are pleased to finally be able to announce the full details of their third album. Entitled "Psychedelic Episodes - Observations on Death and Deathlessness", the follow up to 2010's "Celebrating Impending Chaos" is once again produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile), with artwork from Darkwave Art, and is another loosely themed concept album - this time based around psychedelic experience of the physical, spiritual and emotional kind.

"We took war as a big theme for Celebrating Impending Chaos (2010), but there was also a subtext running throughout the album as well, on tracks like "Kings Of Infinite Space" for example - and that's what we've decided to run with this time round. It's a look into our own psyches. After all, the outside world is surely only a reflection of what is inside? This album is about getting closer to the source of all this stuff, which is where the real horrors lie. It's an interesting and fresh concept to play with but still lends itself very well to twisting into a black metal framework. The concept has lead to our most structured and focussed lyrics to date and the album has become a weird journey through man's struggle with his gods, his mortality and his brief but often chaotic life here on this mysterious rock. Musically we have stuck to the black metal feel that we know and love and in some cases this shines through even more than on our last album.

We've also brought in a very healthy dose of death and thrash metal influenced sections and the psychedelic and progressive elements we started to play with on Chaos have made a big return. We have included some truly experimental moments with some elongated prog-out sections and wonderful analog keyboard sounds.”

The first offering from the album is new digital only single "Slave To The Mannequin" - which is accompanied by a music video and is to be available as a free download from the band’s web site at shortly.

Check out the video on the band's official youtube channel at

The full track listing is as follows:

1. Eye Of Existence
2. Ten Thousand Armageddons
3. Mock The Lifeline
4. Slave To The Mannequin
5. Attack The Attacker
6. Breathe
7. The Maniacal Laughter Of A Dying Man
8. The Killer, The Philosopher and the Holy Man
9. Of Death And Deathlessness

New Album Update - June 2012

As it's been a while since we last posted, here's a very quick update on the next record. We've spent the last few weeks completing the album artwork, filming some video and arranging a release date. There will be an announcement in the next couple of weeks covering all of this properly where will be letting you all know the album title, cover artwork preview and track list. Live previews of a couple of new tracks have gone down immensely well recently. Everything is now coming into place for a release at the end of Summer. More details very soon.

Press Release - 2nd March 2012: Primitive Graven Image complete work on third album with Russ Russell

Primitive Graven Image have completed work on their third album, once again with producer Russ Russell.

The band have commented on the album sessions: "Following the now tried and tested formula that we used on 2010's 'Celebrating Impending Chaos' once again we've recorded the instruments ourselves at Metal Farm Studios in Buckinghamshire, where we've had the benefit of being able to take our time over the last two months, and then taken the finished recordings to Parlour Sound for Russ to do all the mixing and get the best out of our sound. Having been through the process before we knew what to expect this time, we were better prepared and are extremely pleased with the results. This time we've got the guitars sounding much bigger, the overall mix is far more cohesive yet not over-produced. We're really pleased that we've taken a step up again, and that we've not augmented the natural sound with much in the way of extras - although the sound is big we've not relied on studio trickery or orchestration - it's nice and organic sounding and brutal as hell, which is exactly what we wanted."

"Musically our black metal influence is ever present, but again we've explored a few of our other influences - there are some very death metal influenced sections and our love of older '70s progressive music is very much present again with a few more explorations in Moog Synthesisers that began to creep in on our last album. There are also a few longer more progressive sections in place of the 4 minute tracks that a lot of '..Chaos' comprised of. We're now getting the artwork together and are looking forward to taking this out on the road later in the year. We also have a home town show at the Elgiva Theatre in Chesham on March 24th and we've invited new band Voices (who include Akercocke members David Gray and Pete Benjamin) along for a black metal double bill with a number of local supports and DJ's, so the first airing of at least a couple of new tracks will be happening there."

You can view the progress of the recording over the last couple of months on the band's Youtube channel at, where snippets of the new tracks can be heard from both the recording and mixing sessions.

The new as yet untitled album is set to be released through Voiceprint Record's "Envenomation" imprint before the Summer.

Supporting Fen @ The Grosvenor, Stockwell Oct 30

Although taking a break from live dates to work on our third album, we'll be supporting Fen at the Grosvenor in Stockwell, London on 30th October. Further support from Rosicrucian, Absinthropy and Prometheus.

Check out the event on facebook here

Live in London @ Terrorizer Grindhouse, Summer Bank Holiday 27th August

Terrorizer Grindhouse returns to London on the Summer bank holiday weekend for another night of underground metal mayhem! With live music from Primitive Graven Image and Ninkharsag and DJ's til late. And... it's a FREE SHOW!

Check out the event on facebook here

March Of The Cattle - free download and video

Check out the new mini-site for Celebrating Impending Chaos here, which contains amongst other things a free mp3 download of 'March Of The Cattle' together with artwork, and the first video from the album..

Two more northern UK dates added to the tour

At the last minute, two more Northern UK dates have been added:

25th June - Terrorizer Grindhouse Huddersfield @ The Parish
3rd July - The Stereo, York

We've been taken on in replacement for Old Corpse Road at both of these shows. The band are unable to perform due to sickness of one of the band members. We'd like to thank OCR for recommending us to the promoters in their place, and wish them all the best and look forward to seeing them back in action very soon - a great band who we have played with a few times who come highly recommended from us! Check them out right here: - in the mean time we're greatly looking forward to these shows.

Live Reviews - "A band to watch" (Terrorizer) + Metal Hammer Review

We have been informed that there is a good live review of the band from the Purple Turtle show with Abgott from March in the current issue of Metal Hammer. In addition a live review from from our Birmingham show last year with Abgott from Terrorizer #204 has also just been posted into the Celebrating Impending Chaos press area.

Brighton / Wycombe Dates

9th June - Brighton, Hobgoblin
10th June - High Wycombe, Nags Head.

More info coming soon.

Metal Mayday in High Wycombe - Sunday 1st May

We've just been added to the bill for Metal Mayday in High Wycombe at the Nags Head on Sunday May 1st. An all day event of local metal bands + a bbq - perfect for the bank holiday weekend! We're on stage at 7:30PM. Also on the bill are The Elephant Asylum (reunion show after 5 years), Divine Chaos (featuring Vader drummer James Stewart!), Blut Faust, Incarna, Shredded Lives, Bloodloss & Petrichor.

Infernal Damnation VIII - A huge thanks..

.. must go to Paul @ Arcane Promotions, all the bands and of course everybody who attended Infernal Damnation 2011! We were honoured to have been on this bill which was honestly one of the best London billings we've seen in a while. Not only did we play to a packed Underworld at 4PM but every band from Old Corpse Road through to Alcest was amazing and there was a true festival atmosphere all day! Hails to all of you!!!

Tickets now available for March 13th @ London Purple Turtle with Abgott and Necroriser.

Although £8.50 in advance we're able to sell tickets for this gig at just £7.50. You can grab them from our online store here (paypal,credit/debit card) and we can even keep them for you for collection on the door.

View facebook page for this event

15th Feb 2011: Details for March shows with Abgott

4th March - Leicester @ Firebug. With Abgott and Lordaeron
13th March - London @ Purple Turtle. With Abgott and Necroriser. Tickets £8.50 adv or £7.50 from us.

26th Jan 2011: Upcoming Live Dates

Just a few to get the ball rolling as we are largely concentrating on writing for a new release in the next few months! More details later on that... in the mean time as London didn't get overplayed last year we have 3 already confirmed for this year, plus a one off date in Leicester with Abgott!

4th March - Leicester (details tbc) with Abgott
13th March - London Purple Turtle with Abgott
23rd April - London - Infernal Damnation VIII @ Camden Underworld with Alcest (headliners) + more - click the flyer left for details
30th July - London - Terrorizer Grindhouse - full details to be confirmed shortly.

16th Jan 2011: Confirmed for Infernal Damnation VIII - 23rd April 2011

Primitive Graven Image are confirmed for Infernal Damnation VIII, taking place on April 23rd at the Camden Underword with a seriously good line up headlined by Alcest, along with Dornenreich, Wodensthrone, Eastern Front, Old Corpse Road, De Profundis and Crom Dubh.

Click the flyer on the left for ticket details.

7th Nov 2010: Independent album review

It's interesting reading the reviews of the album not just from the mainstream press but from the underground blogging web sites too. It's always nice to hear that someone's given the album a proper listen and really thought about it and this review which someone mailed us earlier this week is one of our favourites which actually seems to describe the album as we thought it during the writing process.

06/11/2010: Full line up for Show No Mercia Fest announced

Show No Mercia Fest takes place in Manchester @ Satan's Hollow on 19th December 2010. The full line up (NB: we are still unsure of exact running order) is as follows:

Primitive Graven Image
Cnoc An Tursa
Old Corpse Road
Eibon La Furies
Towers Of Flesh

We have one thing to say - this is a seriously good line up of UK black metal!

October 27th - Deathworks II is nearly upon us!

The biggest and best metal halloween night in the UK takes place in Bradford @ Gas Works on 30th October. With 12+ bands including Abgott, De Profundis, Eastern Front, Onsetcold, Teutoburg Forest and more there are only a few tickets left for this amazing event which is very close to sell out.

Click on the flyer left for full details.

October 13th - Terrorizer Grindhouse Birmingham with Abgott, Ethereal + more on Oct 23!

A last minute addition to our tour, on Oct 23 we'll be playing the Terrorizer Grindhouse night in Birmingham with Abgott, Ethereal and Nocturnal Resurrection.

Click on the flyer left for full details.

October 11th - Next dates for Touring Impending Chaos 2010 announced

We're just back from a hugely successful mini tour with Skaldic Curse, Ghast and Throes, our thanks to everyone involved in a great weekend of black metal, and to Agamoth from Abgott who stood in for Psi as our bass player in Birmingham without even a single rehearsal with us!

Our next dates for Touring Impending Chaos 2010 then are as follows:


  • 30th October

    Deathworks II @ Gas Works, Bradford

    with Abgott, De Profundis, Eastern Front, Onsetcold, Necrotize and more!
  • 2nd November

    The Gaff, London

    with Eibon La Furies, Phyrexia and Reaping Havoc.
  • 19th December

    Satans Hollow, Manchester

    with Winterfylleth, Wodensthrone, Cnoc An Tursa + more. Agamoth (Abgott) will once again be standing in on bass for us for this show.


September 5th - Wakefield Thanks / Mini tour with Skaldic Curse / Another album review

Our thanks once again to Luke Robinson for the excellent Terrorizer Grindhouse show in Wakefield last night. We have the whole show on DVD, expect some footage on youtube shortly!

Click for large image

Our next dates for "Touring Impending Chaos 2010" will be with the mighty Skaldic Curse featuring ex Akercocke guitarist Paul Scanlan, along with Ghast and Throes.. Check them out at - awesome stuff. Dates are as follows:

8th October - London, Camden - The Unicorn (Free show!!)
9th October - Birmingham, Asylum
10th October - Bristol, The Croft


Further dates for Touring Impending Chaos include a very special Halloween show in Bradford with 10 bands including Abgott, De Profundis, Eastern Front and Onsetcold on Nov. 30 and a London Show at the Gaff on Nov 2.

Finally, a great review from the mighty Metalstorm


July 25th 2010 - Terrorizer Grindhouse Wakefield - headline date on Sept 4th

Terrorizer Grindhouse WakefieldLiterally just back from our first date in Northern England supporting the excellent Diamanthian at Bradford Gas Works last night, we're ready with news of the next. On 4th September 2010 we'll be headlining the excellent Terrorizer Grindhouse night in Wakefield.

With an 8 band bill + DJs, the Wakefield Grindhouse night has proved itself as one of the best Grindhouse nights in the country, and this should be one awesome night!

We can also confirm as true the rumours about the northern halloween show. After last nights set at Bradford Gas Works, we'll be back there on Saturday 30th October to play on a truly monstrous 10 band bill headlined by Abgott. More details to follow as we get them.

June 30th 2010 - Northern England dates!

Bradford Deathworks 1Just a couple for you to start. London and the south have had it too good... its time to take a trip up to the north of this fair Isle! On July 24th we'll be playing the excellent Bradford Gas Works as main support to Diamanthian on a 7 band bill. Doors will open early for this (12pm) and we're really looking forward to this day of metal!

On September 4th we'll be on the Terrorizer Grindhouse billing at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield. More details will be posted as we know them.

Finally, stay tuned for news of a special Halloween show with Abgott, more details again as we get them.

June 30th 2010 - And the reviews keep on coming

Primitive Graven Image - Celebrating Impending ChaosA few more reviews have surfaced on the web this week, from Brutalism (Holland we think, and a very cool review indeed), Metal Observer (somewhat indifferent) and Metal Review (they weren't impressed!), and The Organ (a cool abstract Organ style review). We also caught up with a paper copy of Decibel (US) which we liked immensely, citing the album as one he wasn't sure of at the start but loving it by the end ("Talk about doing a 180 on an album.. but let some of those riffs sink in for a minute. Let some of those Dissection-like melodic lines waft through the air like they do. This is good shit!"). It's always interesting to see the press reaction, you'll never impress everyone, we heartily disagree with some of these but we've posted them all here - make up your own mind!

June 11th 2010 - Celebrating Impending Chaos first reviews now online

2 months into the release of our second album, we've had some great reviews and features from the UK. The press page has been duly updated to reflect this and we've included full scans of the recent offerings from Terrorizer, Metal Hammer Subetrranea, Zero Tolerance and Powerplay. European and American reviews are beginning to filter through slowly as well so watch this space.

We are somewhat intrigued by this taster of a review from Decibel (US) here too.

The album is available from your favourite record shop (both online or offline) and is distributed throughout Europe, the US and Japan, or direct from the label from the link below.



June 10th 2010 - First review of the band from Enblackened 2010

A cool review of the band by from Londons Enblackend festival has surfaced and can be viewed on their web site here



June 10th 2010 - Video from the Russ Russell sessions released

Lord Blast has been mixing the footage from the band's sessions with Russ Russell in 2009.

The band spent five days with Russ Russell at Parlour Sound studios in Northamptonshire working with acclaimed producer Russ Russell on the home recordings that have now become Celebrating Impending Chaos. Get a unique behind the scenes view on life with the band in the studio and meet Russ himself in the video below..

March 2010

The hour is nearly upon us! The promo copies are out, the ads are rolling, the reviews are coming in (and looking incredible by the way!), there's been radio interviews and we're all tired, and after two and a half years of writing, recording, mixing, remixing, re-remixing and finally pulling Russ Russell on board to fix our sound it is time to look at days gone past and reflect upon what has led up to this moment for one last time.

Way back in 2008 before we'd even started on the next debate that was to be the artwork(!) I put this video together one weekend, learning to use windows movie maker as I went along. It's a somewhat humourous view of us larking about yet getting the job done. It was never meant to be official but a lot of people liked it, so here we go one last time...

The chaos is coming... 5.4.2010

February 2010

The Chaos Is Coming on 6th April (4th May USA) - the second album news you've been waiting for
Finally its all signed and confirmed... Primitive Graven Image release their long awaited second album Celebrating Impending Chaos through Envenomation Records on 6th April Worldwide - except in North America and Canada where it is released on May 4th.

Who, you might be thinking, are Envenomation Records? Well, in the spirit of DIY black metal we've come up with a unique deal, as it's technically an own label venture. However we've managed to hook up with UK independent label Voiceprint for the best distribution on the planet, meaning its actually going out to all record stores and internet record stores worldwide. Distribution is different in various territories covering people such as Plastic Head, Sound Pollution, Cargo Germany, Disk Union Japan and even the stormingly huge E1 for North America. DIY black metal on a large scale. We like.

January 2010

Enblackened 2010Primitive Graven Image to play Enblackened 2010

May 15th 2010 - A full day of UK black metal and blackened metal bands including Abgott, Xerath, Empyreal Destroyer and Traces. Check out for the lowdown.

August 2009

World Exclusive - new PGI track on Terrorizer 'Secret History Of Black Metal' / Terrorizer article
'A gruesome relic of death and decay' is the first track that will be heard from the forthcoming album. Its available on the cover CD of Terrorizer's 'Secret History Of Black Metal' special - available from 13th August 2009.

There is also a brief article / interview in the main Terrorizer magazine, also on sale today!

July 2009

New album deal + Bloodstock live date
We still can't say much about the new deal until we actually sign on the dotted line, other than things are still looking very good for the band and the new album which will be seeing distribution in most territories worldwide. In the mean time, we've lined up a stunning one off live date at the UKs biggest and best metal festival Bloodstock! We'll be playing at 3PM on the second stage on Sunday August 16th where we'll be previewing at least three songs from the upcoming album along with tracks from Traversing. Get down the front early and you might just be able to pick up an advance copy of a few tracks from the forthcoming album!

May 2009

New album deal + winterfest video footage
We can't say anything yet but it looks like we've found the perfect outlet for the new album with discussions currently sounding very promising. Watch this space for an update in the next few weeks.

In the mean time we've received some video footage from Cork Winterfest 2009. 3 cameras worth in fact. We're hoping to mix this into something interesting in the near future, however we've uploaded one track (one camera) in the mean time - enjoy.

February 2009

Back from the Studio - it is done!
The new album is finally complete! We're just back from Parlour Sound studios near Northampton, UK where we spent five days with acclaimed producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) and finally gotten a decent sound out of our home recordings. The five days were a blast, Russ fully understood what we were trying to do and we've taken back a production that sounds like we envisiged - not too over the top but clear enough to actually hear all the parts. The man is a genius!

Things got a little crazy there for a while as we also experimented with a few new sounds in the mix, such as moogs, horns and even some choirs - very strategically placed and minimally used mind, the black metal sound has not been lost, in fact we think it's helped to darken it a bit. We're all extremely happy with the results and can't wait to get this record out now.

One of the other bands that Russ has produced is Nik Turner's (Hawkwind) Space Ritual. Its also entirely possible that some of our more proggy influences may have come out in the mix, some strange goings on we're observed one late night after we went out for curry. We'll leave that surprise for when the record comes out.

In the mean time here's a brief clip from the studio sessions

January 2009

Band to enter studio in January with Russ Russell!
Towards the end of January 2009, we'll be going into the studio with Russ Russell to mix and master our new album. Tentatively titled 'Celebrating Impending Chaos', we've now completed all recording and are greatly looking forward to working with Russ, who in the past has worked with bands such as Napalm Death and Dimmu Borgir amongst others. The album is the bands first as a four piece and we're very much looking forwad to giving it the sound treatment that working with Russ will provide.

Originally we were very much looking forward to a completely DIY effort, but we have realised that what we've written is just too good not to do it the justice that it deserves in the sound department. Our own efforts at mixing have taken a long time in which we've realised that we dont have the skills we need to get the songs sounding the way we wish. We're not after a massively over-produced affair, just a hard hitting sound, and Russ will provide that. We're greatly looking forward to the outcome.

December 2008

Thanks to the Winterfest team and the fans in Ireland!
We've just returned from Cork, Ireland where we had the pleasure of being on the Winterfest bill. Skyclad and Amon Amarth headlined the Friday and Saturday, both of which we enjoyed greatly, especially Skyclad's covers of some traditional Irish songs which went down with the Guinness rather well! Our set was very well received, and we'd like to take the opportunity to thank the Winterfest Team of Jim and Cathal and Keiron for putting us on, and also their hospitality over the weekend, and of course everyone who saw us and their great words of support! We look forward greatly to returning to Ireland in 2009.

October 2008

Live In Ireland!
After a year of writing and recording the follow up to Traversing The Awesome Night, Primitive Graven Image will seeing the year out with a live appearance at Cork Winterfest in Ireland, 19th - 21st December 2008 alongside Amon Amarth, Skyclad and more. Check the live page for full details.

September 2008

New Web Site, New 2nd Album Teaser video

Finally, the new and vastly improved website is up and running. Please take a look around. Content is still being added, but you can now check out the first three parts of the new Primitive Graven Image studio diary. The 2nd and third videos have clips of brand new PGI.

The band are currently locked away in their studio completing their second album. Its taking a while, and will take as long as it does until we're happy with it. In the mean time, a third part to the studio diary videos has become a 10 minute film courtesy of Lord Blast's newly found skills with windows movie maker, and features a few sound clips and some drum recording footage and a live rendition of None Shall Stand. Check it out here.

June 2008

Ljosalfur slams Kerry King online???
Ljosalfur's internet post regarding his disbelief that Kerry King should cite Trivium as 'inspirational' as made it onto a number of web sites including the infamous, where it appears to have caused a bit of a stir. Check it out here!

November 2007

Album no.2 gets underway..
We've found the place to record our second album. A top class studio in the center of London? A Er.. no. A shed in the woods in deepest darkest buckinghamshire where the band can remain good and isolated and craft the masterpiece that will be their second album? Somewhat. Check the new Diary page for a video preview...