Abgott Primitive Graven Image and Necroriser - Purple Turtle, London, 13th march 2010 (Concert Ticket)

Release/Available Date: 17th February 2011

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Abgott Primitive Graven Image and Necroriser - Purple Turtle, London, 13th march 2010
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Live @ Purple Turtle, Camden - 13th March 2010

Normally £8.50 in advance, we have a limited number of tickets for sale at just £7.50. The line up is Abgott, Primitive Graven Image, Necroriser + tbc. We can hold tickets for you for door collection to save on postage too. And.. no booking fee if you purchase through here!

If you select door collection we will send full instructions on picking up your tickets before doors open, a contact phone no. will be made available.


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The core of what 'true' underground-Black Metal can be, must be, that's what Primitive Graven Image's debut album Traversing The Awesome Night stands for. Black War Majesty!

92/100 - Conreteweb (Belgium)
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Exeter Cavern Club, 2013

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