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Reviews of 'Psychedelic Episodes' (2012)


"An enjoyable, dynamic and well thought out opus.... Powerful and emotive songwriting, an area in which PGI genuinely excel, with emotive and epic discordance, tempered with an occasional Bathory like stomp." - 8/10 - Metal Hammer, November 2012. [Scan To Follow] 


"This is their third full length and by far their best. Don’t be frightened by the words ‘Prog’ or ‘Spacey’ of ‘Clean singing’ because believe me, this album is packed full of absolutely amazing black metal songs, some with new ideas yes, but ideas that enhance the songs and only add to the appeal of the album. UKBM of the highest order and very highly recommended." 9/10 - UKEM (United Kingdom Extreme Metal Blog)  [Web Link]


"There is no fat here just good solid and at times epic tracks.. Excellent home grown British Black Metal, you should definitely check this out." - 8/10 - Ave Noctum


"Psychedelic Episodes takes this UK Black Metal band to new levels. Clean guitar solos slice through the gritty atmosphere, creating a streak of light across an otherwise bleak sky... You never truly know what's going to happen. I've listened to this album a ridiculous amount since its release.- 98/100 - Loucifer Speaks


"This UK black metal horde are growing into quite a force to be reckoned with... Excellent!" - 4.5/5 - zero Tolerance


"The British black metal scene is finally starting to flourish thanks to bands like Primitive graven Image who've been kicking ass and taking names for some time now. Stylish, contemporary and passionate.. Melancholic melodies rain upon guitars that slash the ears amidst a shower of pristine double kicks and blast beats." - 7/10 - Powerplay

Reviews of 'Celebrating Impending Chaos' (2010 - click here to see scans from UK magazines)

"Let some of those riffs sink in for a minute. Let some of those Dissection-like melodic lines waft through the air like they do. This is good shit! Song-wise too, these guys have come a long way since their debut on Open Grave. Their construction is rock solid. The production is, likewise, solid. Big, but not foofy-flouncy-symphonic-big. No, it's just right. Some deft shifts in tone and rhythm, some seriously old school guitar solos, and before you know it, this album is over. Short and sweet. Which just makes me want to play it again" - Decibel (US), April 2010. [Scan coming soon]


"PGI have made a huge evolutionary leap with the follow up. Their luminous atmospheres, ability to soak up other influences, and knack for a kick ass tune do bear a clear resemblence to Watain, but PGI still cast their own light as they scour their way accross the void. Exploratory but still well versed black metal taking a scalpel to the night sky." - Metal Hammer / Subterranea - May 2010. [Scan]


"A stunning collection of pure black metal in the style of Immortal or Emperor, this cd is the best I've heard so far this year... if they can produce the goods live there's no reason why they shouldn't join the black metal elite. Stunningly Good!" - Powerplay - March 2010. [Scan]


"Could Primitive Graven Image be the British hope for Black Metal? These godless souls caught our eye at Bloodstock Festival last summer and have been ravaging our ears ever since." - Terrorizer - April 2010 (cover CD track review). [Scan]


".. sticks in the mind like a dark mantra.. " - Terrorizer pre-release track on the Secret History of Black Metal cover CD, 2009. [Scan]


"Primitive Graven Image show little in the way of pantomime histrionics in their music. Feral, brooding vocals and burgeoning guitars pave the path to chaos and it is embraced without a hint of wimpy keyboards." - Terrorizer - May 2010. [Scan]


"One of Englands brighter traditional black metal acts. A decent production thanks to Russ Russell lends the frostbitten grimness an air of menace that compares to that achieved on the recent Nile album. When solid results like this can be achieved, looking to the past cannot be levied as a criticism." - Zero Tolerance (album review), April 2010. [Scan]


"By all means avoid Celebrating Impending Chaos if you don't like skilfull aggressive metal, massive riffs or songs that actually stay in your head after they have ended.. an almighty collision of styles and influences, all unified by the brooding spirit of black metal" - Zero Tolerance (interview/article), April 2010. [Scan]


"An unrelenting slice of old school proper black metal that ain’t nobodies future, just proper evil black metal, with an extra street wise slice of quality, metal that hits the spot just right" - The Organ, April 2010. [Web Link]


Reviews of 'Traversing The Awesome Night' (2007)


"Primitive Graven Image manage to maintain a sense of melody while keeping up the classic black metal sound, which lets you get the best of both. The songs are pretty darn good too! What a joy to hear a band who don't let being elite get in the way of being good!" - Powerplay (UK)

"TRAVERSING THE AWESOME NIGHT is a punishing, soul-crushing journey through the land of the dead. a new classic from the black metal underground, you must bow down and worship primitive graven image!" - SOD (USA)

"Primitive Graven Image demonstrate an attuned ear for hooky riffs and arrangements" - Terrorizer (UK/International)

"Who knows what kind of unhinged behaviour will go down when brothers Luke and Rob Lehane (aka Dokkalfur and Ljosalfur) slap on some corpse paint and go forraging for small mammals in the woods... but WE COULD LISTEN TO THIS THING ALL (AWESOME) NIGHT!!" - 8/10 - Decibel ( USA)

"The riffs will sink you down to below sea level. The slow parts melted me like Carnivore did many moons ago. The guitar sound kills almost Celtic Frost in nature. This band sets a mood and then sucks you in. The singing is real black/death metal singing not some pussy low guttural shit. This is the real deal and with so many shitty black metal bands, it is refreshing to hear a bad that delivers the goods as this release did. A must have." - Metalcore (USA)

"Excellent Black Metal opuses.. simple yet memorable and extremely catchy raw black metal!!" - The Metal Observer

The core of what ‘true' underground-Black Metal can be, must be, that's what Primitive Graven Image's debut album Traversing The Awesome Night stands for. Black War Majesty! 92/100 - Conreteweb (Belgium)

Reviews of Hellish Figurines


"A six fingered fist of Neanderthal Black Metal for you here. PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE scrape their riffs from the blood painted walls of fire lit caves. We are talking the contemporary view of Neanderthal though, rude intelligence instead of knuckle-dragging savages. PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE convince from the start on this demo and leave you thinking in no uncertain terms by the end that their debut is worth looking forward to." - Metal Observer, Nov 27 2006.


"Good black metal with a lot more feeling and emotion than most other black metal bands I have heard. They don't just play fast for fast sake and create more of a mood and emotion along with feeling with their music. I am sure the debut will be a masterpiece of black metal." - Metalcore Webzine.


"This is a must for all old school Black Metal fans!!!" - Beowolfproduction.com

"Evil magnificence. An impressive beginning that displays a lot of potential" - Powerplay (UK)